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Whether you’re in need of just a basic cleaning or even something like a root canal, we can help you. You should come in and expect our experienced staff to warmly greet you and give your smile the attention it deserves.

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• Comprehensive dental services

• Preventive care

• Cleanings

• X-rays

• Periodontal treatment

• Bonding, crowns and bridges

• Root canals

• Teeth whitening

• Complete and partial dentures

• Implants and veneers


Extractions are another procedure that we can perform. If your teeth are giving you problems and you decide they need to come out, we will explore every option for you. If it appears that this is what needs to happen, rest assured that you are in great, experienced hands when it comes to performing routine extractions.

Many procedures

If you want to keep your teeth healthy and looking great, regular trips to the dentist are a must. We welcome new patients of all ages and we encourage check-ups twice a year.

Keep your teeth healthy and looking great

Basic cleanings and a lot more

You deserve to live with great, healthy teeth.

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